Elastomer, polymer and rubber testing

About Elastomer Research Testing B.V.


Elastomer Research Testing B.V., generally known as ERT B.V., is an independent and ISO 17025 accredited research and test laboratory specialized in elastomers. Our company was founded in 2003, and is well-known as one of the major elastomer, polymer and rubber testing laboratories in Europe.


Our services 

In our well equipped laboratory, elastomer, polymer and rubber materials can extensively be tested and analysed. Besides testing of (un)-vulcanized materials we also offer failure analysis, compound development, training, education and consultancy services.


Elastomer, rubber and polymer testing laboratory

Our elastomer, rubber and polymer testing laboratory is very well equipped and our employees have extensive academic, and many years of practical, knowledge and experience in the rubber industry. 


With our advanced equipment we can test a large variety of rubber properties like the:

  • rheological behaviour;
  • tensile and tear properties;
  • compression and dynamic behavior;
  • permanent deformation or stress-relaxation;
  • abrasion and fatigue resistance;
  • as well as the ozone, hot-air and weathering resistance.


Furthermore we can analyse the material composition or determine the cause of failure of rubber products.


Do you have a specific elastomer, rubber or polymer testing request? Let us know!

Most of our testing facilities are based on specific standards (ISO, EN, ASTM, DIN etc.). Do you want us to test the properties of a rubber product according to another, or your specific, certification standard? Please let us know and we will quickly let you know whether we can be of service in your specific matter.


Visit our rubber testing laboratory (virtually or in real life!)

Do you want to learn more about our elastomer, rubber and polymer testing services? You are very welcome to visit our facilities and get insight in our possibilities and capabilities. Please contact us to make an appointment. Are you curious  and want to know already what our elastomer testing laboratory looks like? Feel free to take a

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More information about elastomer, polymer and rubber testing

We are happy to answer all your questions and to provide you with more specific information about elastomer, rubber and polymer testing. Please send your questions to us by using our "Ask us a question" form or by providing your contact details at our contact page.


Do you have a question? Feel free to contact us!

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