Failure analysis

Rubber products are used in a broad range of applications with an often critical function like sealing, transporting, damping and/or isolating. Often the appropriate functioning of an apparatus, machine or complete installation is dependent on the suitable rubber product in the correct compound composition.

Unfortunately our independent laboratory is often consulted about failure, complaints and damage caused by rubber products. The cause of failure is often underestimation of the critical function of these rubber products. Miscommunication about the desired properties, non-sufficient material specifications, changes in material composition, non-optimal production processes can often lead to failures.

With our extensive know-how, well-equipped laboratory and decades of experience we are the right partner for these failure analyses. If a rubber product has failed, for example due to cracking, swelling, shrinkage or hardening, the cause can often be discovered. A recommendation can also be made to avoid the problem in the future.



The appearance of a rubber product does not show if the quality is as it should be. For various reasons suppliers and manufacturers of rubber products may sometimes make changes in their compound formulation and/or process which may be the cause of future problems in application.

Failure analysis can often be prevented by regularly using a quality benchmark: “fingerprint”. In doing so a combination of properties of the product is determined to give a good impression of both the material composition and degree of vulcanisation. Having these properties periodically determined can point out any non-compliances and prevent future problems. Hence, these fingerprints give you more influence on the quality of your product.


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