Computational Design of Rubber Products

Tweedaagse Engelstalige cursus van ERT B.V. in samenwerking met Maagtechnic en de Zurich University of Applied Sciences


What is it all about?


  • Rubber materials and rubber behaviour
  • Introduction to nonlinear elastic deformations
  • Rubber material models for computational analysis
  • Introduction to physical testing of rubber
  • Uniaxial tension tests of rubber materials
  • Damage and dissipation in rubber materials
  • Fitting material to nonlinear test data
  • Testing of fatigue (damage), friction, viscoelasticity




  • All lectures will be given in English
  • Seminar comprises lectures and lab sessions


Who benefits from these lectures?

  • Design engineers for rubber components and systems
  • Rubber chemists and rubber technologists
  • Product and material engineers



  • Dr.-Ing. Robert Eberlein (ZHAW)
  • Dr. Ir. Kuno Dijkhuis (ERT)
  • Jan van Kranenburg (ERT)



Zurich University of Applied Sciences

School of Engineering

CH-8400 Winterthur




on demand


on demand


Please send your registration to (or use the form below) and indicate your FE solver preference (ABAQUS or ANSYS).


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