Resistance to light and weather conditions, and colour change measurement, ISO 4892-2

UV radiation can cause polymer degradation, while sunlight often causes discolouration. The difference between a QUV tester and a sunlight tester (Xenon) is that a QUV tester only uses UV-A, B and C radiation, while the Xenon tester only tests with some UV-A, visible light and infrared light (IR). Rubber products used outside are humid about 50% of the time due to rain, air humidity, dew, etc. That's why the Xenon tester also has the option of testing several cycles of demi-water spraying. After ageing for a specified period, the difference in colour is measured and expressed as l, a, b values, resulting in ΔE, which is an indication of the total discolouration.  Furthermore, changes in material properties can be determined.


The test is carried out according to ISO standard 4892-2 unless otherwise desired.


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