Continuing the accreditation, extending the Scope of accreditation and reduced surveillance


On 13 October 2015, an audit team of the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) visited ERT B.V. for the annual reassessment. The accreditation will be continued and the Scope of accreditation extended with:

  • ISO 1407 Method B Rubber- Determination of solvent extract

In view of the speed of the responses, the minor number of non-conformities detected during this and earlier audits, and the thorough way in which the management system is maintained, ERT B.V. will be placed under a reduced surveillance regime.

This means that the RvA has decided to no longer audit ERT B.V. annually.


Click here for our entire scope (14kB) or visit the Raad van Accreditatie (Dutch Accreditation Council) website;, under No. L519


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