3-days Course Hands-on Introduction Rubber Technology



In November 2017 we started with our hands-on course Introduction Rubber Technology. This 3-day workshop is a combination of introduction theory into the world of rubber technology together with hands-on mixing, vulcanizing and testing your own produced compounds. During the mornings you will be introduced into the following topics:

  • What is rubber and what makes it special?
  • Different types of rubber
  • Compounding and mixing
  • Processing and vulcanization
  • Properties and testing
  • Failure analysis


During the afternoons, you will work yourself in our extensive laboratory by mixing your own compounds in an internal mixer and on a two-roll mill, vulcanizing your own test pieces by means of compression moulding and finally testing your own produced compounds for several physical-mechanical properties like density, hardness, stress-strain properties, tear and wear resistance, compression set, rebound resilience, electrical conductivity etc. 



To become familiar with the different types and grades of rubber, their properties, ingredients, processing techniques and applications. Rubber is very different relative to other materials like metals and plastics, with regard to their properties, applications and processing techniques. In general courses, rubber is only often limited part of the content.


Target audience:

This course is given on a level which is suitable for newcomers in the rubber processing industry, users and purchasers of rubber products, commercial employees, technicians, technical buyers, managers, etc. No special education, nor knowledge of rubber technology, is required to participate in this course.


Next dates:   

January, 13-15, 2020

February, 10-12, 2020

March, 16-18, 2020


Amount of participants:  3-4



ERT B.V. , Teugseweg 27, 7418 AM Deventer.



€ 1995,- per person, including course map with all presentations, lunches and diner on the first night; excl. hotel (ca. € 120.- p.p.p.n.). If requested, ERT B.V. can be of help in arranging the hotel. Participants will receive a certificate of participation afterwards.


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